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Hearing Loss Rises Among Teenage Girls

Over the last two decades hearing loss due to “recreational” noise exposure such as blaring club music has risen among adolescent girls, and now approaches levels previously seen only among adolescent boys, a new study suggests. And teens as a whole are increasingly exposed to loud noises that could place their long-term auditory health in [...]

iPods Lead to Surge in Teenage Hearing Loss

The study of thousands of 12 to 19-year-olds found the number of them suffering from partial hearing loss jumped by 30 per cent between the early 1990s and 2005-06. The prevalence of partial hearing loss rose from 14.9 per cent to 19.5 per cent – a relative jump of almost a third, found the authors [...]

Hearing Aid Batteries

About Hearing Aid Batteries Hearing aid batteries normally last 7-14 days when the hearing aid is used 16 hours per day. Performance will vary depending on the style and type of hearing aid technology you are using. All batteries are toxic and dangerous if swallowed. Keep all batteries (and hearing aids) away from children and [...]

How Hearing & Balance work together

Hearing is one of the five senses. It is a complex process of picking up sound and attaching meaning to it. The human ear is fully developed at birth and responds to sounds that are very faint as well as sounds that are very loud. Even in utero, infants respond to sound. The ability to [...]

Phonak Launch New Ambra Hearing Aid

Phonak, the Swiss hearing aid manufacturer, have announced the launch of their latest hearing instrument – the Phonak Ambra. Launched in October 2010, the Ambra is set to be the market leader in terms of product innovation and high tech hearing solutions. The Ambra is packed with all kinds of clever features designed to improve [...]

Online Hearing Test: See if you’ve got Hearing Problems

We’re proud to announce the launch of our brand new Online Hearing Test, which may give you an indication as to whether you are suffering from hearing difficulties. Our interactive tool offers the following tests: Hearing Condition Questionnaire Speech & Noise At the end of each test you will received a grading, and offers recommendations [...]

Welcome to Direct Hearing Aids

Direct Hearing Aids is a brand new website dedicated to all things hearing related. Providing news, views and interactive tools, you’ll find lots of information here to keep you coming back for more. Created and maintained by an experienced team of hearing enthusiasts, we aim to make this site a lively community hub as well [...]